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How to Wisely Choose a Conveyancer for Your Home Purchase

When buying a property, whether for the first time or not, who you instruct to carry out the conveyancing process for you is crucial. Conveyancing covers the legality of the transaction and the transfer of the property’s ownership from the selling party to you, so, one wrong choice may cost you up to thousands of pounds and run the risk of the transaction to fall through.

If your estate agent tries to pressure you into hiring someone they know with the cheapest rates, don’t just give in to it. What with technology offers at present, you still have a lot to choose from.

Traditional Solicitors - Much as everything is done online or remotely, your local lawyer still exists and are still in the High Street of the local town. While you can count on most of them to be very well versed with local laws and regulations, others may be a bit behind with technology. Which means they still prefer face-to-face meetings and sending the documents through the post. Traditional ways of communication and courier may just bring in delays to your transaction, so always consider your timeline targets when hiring a traditional solicitor.

Estate Agent Associated or Owned - Because property investment and conveyancing have become in-demand markets, large estate agent offices started to own their own conveyancing departments. Don’t be bullied, though, by their urging when you have not hired one yet. Always be on the lookout for what could be in it for them against what value you could get for your money.

Online Conveyancing - This is has become the thing of the present. You can now compare prices and services online and see if you could actually get the best value for your money. Plus, you may actually find it convenient to send in your documents and communicate with your conveyancer through the Internet, besides the traditional phone calls.

To make sure you’ll get a good deal and choose the right one, you may follow these tips:

Shop around. There’s nothing better but to look at a few and compare. Just because someone comes in highly recommended doesn’t mean they’re better. Also, do this ahead of time so you could still meet your timeline targets.

Cheap isn’t always great. Beware of hidden charges that could shock you on your final invoice. Always checkout someone who can offer the best value for your money, while keeping a transparent list of how much they charge for every task they need to do.

Choose someone with an accreditation from the Conveyancing Quality Scheme. You need to be sure that the process is carried out for you according the strict compliance standards.

What’s even more important here, if you’re a bit concerned about your budget, is to never hire a conveyancer that charges you by the hour or a percentage of how much the house is sold for. This will cause your fees to be significantly higher. Try and find someone who has a fixed price charge for their basic fees, regardless of the property’s value, so you don’t end up overpaying for work that’s not at all needed.